Dark Eye Circles Causes – The Causes of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

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Dark circles under eyes are a very common problem in today’s society. These dark circles under eyes can plague someone through out the day whether it is in a meeting or out with their friends. You will get that famous question: “Did you get enough sleep?”. Regardless of your answer to this question, whether you get enough sleep or not may not be always the main cause of these dark circles.

Nutrition Effects on Dark Circles Under Eyes

Low nutrient foods can cause wrinkles which will enhance the appearance of wrinkles in your face. Consuming a balanced diet rich with fruits and vegetables will help diminish many of these wrinkles. Along with nutritional benefit, the nutrients provide the required vitamins and minerals for a restful night sleep which will also help to diminish the dark circles under eyes appearance.

Aging Effects on Dark Eye Circles

As one ages, the collagen production in one’s body slowly decreases over time. Collagen is important in reducing wrinkles and thus when there is a decrease in the production of collagen dark circles become more apparent because of an increase in wrinkle formation under eyes.

Sunlight Exposure Effects on Dark Eye Circles

The pigmentation in a person’s skin is highly affected and influenced by the sun. The sun contains many harmful ultraviolet rays that can potentially harm your skin and further influence wrinkles. These wrinkles will contribute greatly to the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. An obvious tip is to wear sunglasses whenever in direct sunlight in order to reduce your exposure to the sun and lessen the effects of the harmful UV rays on your skin.

Hereditary Effects

The dark circles under a person’s eyes may in fact just be due to your own heredity. If dark eye circles is a common trait in your family than more than likely that is what is contributing to your dark eye circles. Knowing this trait exists will allow you to become more aware of the problem and take precautionary steps to slowing the process such as nutrition, reducing sunlgiht exposure, and even applying makeup to help cover up the dark circles around the eyes.

Menstruation and Pregnancy Effects

Many women do not realize that menstruation and pregnancy can cause the sudden onset of dark eye circles. Menstruation and pregnancy can cause a woman to take on a very pale look. Thus, the veins that are around the eyes become more apparent and even darker due to the veins.


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