Sedu Pro Ionic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Review

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The Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron is one of the top hair flat irons on the market. The Sedu is the preferred hair straightener used around the world. It is famous for its ability to tame very frizzy and rebellious hair. The heating plates are true ceramic but also tourmaline which generates 6 times more negative ions than the regular hair straightener. These negative ions help keep your hair from frizzing and also reduce the damage on the hair. The high concentration of negative ions also facilitates a lot quicker straightening and will cut your hair-straightening time in half. The infra-red heat technology built into the straightener seals the hair’s moisture inside the shaft of the hair leaving your hair feeling soft and smooth.

The Sedu hair straightener comes in two different sizes depending on your hair length and structure. They make a hair straightener with 1 ½” tourmaline plates for people whose hair is thicker and longer. But, they also make a hair straightener with 1″ tourmaline plates for people who may not have as thick or long hair. Either one works just as well I have found because of the quality of the straightener. The lightweight body of the hair straightener is truly one of its strong points. Its ultra lightweight is made of high strength composite materials that have been commonly used in the aerospace industry. I have found the grip of the straightener to be just right in order to allow easy gripping without making your hand tired during the straightening process.

The Sedu Pro Ionic Straightener has a faster heat-up time than the traditional store brand straightener. In less than 25 seconds, the straightener will reach the desired temperature level. The adjustable temperature setting is another positive for this straightener as it has varying temperature levels depending on your certain hair type. This adjustable temperature proves to be one of the best features of this straightener because it allows you to adjust the temperature for whether you have damaged hair or healthy hair. Overall, the Sedu hair straightener is well worth the money over the store brand hair straightener because not only does it shorten your time straightening but also keeps it healthier which in the end saves you money from correcting botched hair jobs.


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