10 No-brainer ways to earn up to $400 or more monthly on Bukisa

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Publishing articles on Bukisa is the easy part.  But, getting traffic and readers for those articles is another matter.  As everyone knows, Bukisa pays writers generously for articles based on page views. Not to mention the generous affiliate program that lets you make money on your downline as they publish articles.

If you’ve published several articles on Bukisa, but don’t seem to be making any money, you might want to try out some of these simple ideas to triple your page views and Bukisa income. 

1. Post your signature line on forums. Pick a niche forum that matches the theme of your Bukisa articles and post away.For instance, if your Bukisa articles focus on money making or affiliate programs, you would want to find forums that have a similar theme.   Most forums allow you to add a free signature line with your comment.  This signature line is your 24/7 advertisement that will help drive unlimited traffic to your articles.  

2. Place free online classified ads.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of free classified sites online that allow free ad posts.  And, these sites get millions of monthly visitors that could be yours. Pick a few free advertising classified ad sites and start posting.  To make this process easier, use the same username/password for each site and keep all your free ad site links in one bookmark folder for easy access.  You can simply copy/paste the ad at each site.

3. Email friends and family and ask them to visit your site

Family and friends are your best source for initial page views.  And, most times, moms and dads are more than willing to support your new efforts.  Just be sure to emphasize that they can read the articles for free and there’s no investment required.  Often family and friends shy away from these things when they feel like they’re being recruited. 

4. Swap page views with other members, ask them to visit your articles and promise to visit theirs in return.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by commenting on other member’s Bukisa articles.  Most members will return the favor by clicking on your profile photo and reading your articles.  

5. Comment on blogs that are not located on Bukisa.  Leave a link to one of your own Bukisa articles.

Find blogs that allow automatic comment posting (unmoderated) so that you can get your link up as fast as possible.  Once again you can copy/paste a prewritten comment into each blog to save time.  Try to keep your comment relevant to the blog.  Add value whenever possible by adding tips of your own.  Don’t forget to add an html link back to your favorite Bukisa article.

6. Go to social bookmarking sites like Digg.com and bookmark your site.  

Other really good bookmarking sites include Furl and Propeller.  These bookmarking sites allow for instant posting of your article links.   Come up with a catchy link title that will attract maximum attention.  Don’t be afraid to oversell your article in the body of the bookmark.  After all, you’re trying to convince someone to take time out of their day to read your articles.  

7. Post a link to your Bukisa articles from your own blog.

If you already have signifigant traffic (readership) to another blog, why not cash in by asking your current blog readers to visit your Bukisa articles.  Many of these fresh visitors will happily sign up in your downline if asked. 

8.  Promote your Bukisa affiliate link everywhere.  Add your link to your signature line; emails; forum posts; classified ad sites and anywhere else that free ads are allowed.  Just remember not to SPAM!

9. Print business cards.  Leave your business card at nail salons; day care centers; grocery stores and anywhere else potential readers might congregate.  

10.  Post a press release about each article at any free online press release site.  Your press release should be written objectively in the third person and provide enticing information that would compel readers to visit articles. 



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