How To Recycle CD’s

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Some slightly damaged CD’s can be repaired, but when a CD is beyond repair, there are some creative and fun things you can do with them.

Make Bowls: Put the CD in the oven over a metal bowl, leave on a low heat until the CD softens. Take out of the oven and mold into the shape you require (make sure you wear gloves as this must be done whilst the CD is hot)

Coasters: Use unwanted CD’s as coasters, you can use either side, you can even cover them with material to match your décor.

Reflectors: Attach CD’s to small wooden stakes and dig them into the ground to give you reflectors to help you see a little better.

Sun catcher: you can make a really effective and decorative sun catcher by gluing CD’s together and hanging them in the window.

Template: You can cut around CD’s for a perfectly circular shape.

Makeshift Mirror: If you don’t have a mirror to hand, some CD’s have a very clear background, try using this as a temporary measure.

Candle illuminator: Position CD’s at a safe distance behind a candle, the reflection will illuminate the room beautifully.

Wall art. With enough CD’s you can create beautiful wall art, simply attach to the wall using blue tack, pins or glue. They can be used as frames for posters or even arranged to spell out a word.

Jewellery: Put a CD in the microwave, I know it sounds dangerous, but it only needs to be left in for about 5 seconds. This creates a stunning crackled effect. Cut into small pieces and attach to ear wires or necklaces.


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