Goodbye Destroy (paid to post site)

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It has been 12 days since i became a member of this great site. Since the spread of this site paying $0.05 per post and comment and $0.10 per blog post, all people came swarming in to join the site. After 4 days , the Admin announced that the rate per post will change since a lot of people were magnetize and came in flooding and spamming the site with their one liner post. From then on, the revenue per post and comments lowered into $0.02 and the pay for blog became $5.00 per (1000 impression). I got my first pay after participating there for 4 days, i was paid $23.56 and i can show you the proof later on. I invited few of my friends to participate since this site gives 100% of your referral so you would earn more. I just got my second pay today April 10th, 2009, it amounted to $9.10. This will be the very last payment. Sad to say that the Admin has to pull the plug on revenue program, and instead of 3oth April as the cutoff period, it was shortened till tomorrow and the payout which is $10 will be cut short too to $3.00 and this will be the last pay to all members. Thanks to the spammers you abused the system by posting nonsense things and posting wrong topics to different forums, the Admin has nothing to do but to end the revenue. So for my fellow DD members, i bid adios to you all. Maybe i will still be dropping by that once great site and see if i can still post and share something even without pay.
My Second and Last payout ($9.10)


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