Things i Can Buy for $10 in (india)

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202-1600.jpg As a foreigner living here in India, things are not the same like i used to when i was in my own country. I can say that at first i have to adjust from food, cultural beliefs, fashion and more. Things get better as days and months go by. And as i was able to adjust my taste to spicy and very hot kinds of food, i begin to like India because of their very cheap and affordable prices specially in vegetables and fruits. I had made a list for some things i usually buy in the market and here are the sample things i can buy for my $10 value worth, check this out: 1.) Buy 1 kilo chicken – $2.00 2.)Buy 1 kilo of grapes – $ 0.81 3.)Buy tomatoes (1 kilo) – $ 0.24 4.)Buy potatoes (1 kilo) – $0.32 5.)Buy Mutton (in pack) – $2.00 6.)Buy Onion (1 Kilo) – $0.24 7.)Buy Yogurt (4 pack small) – $ 1.23 8.)Buy watermelon (small)- $ 0.61 9.)Fare going to market (to &fro) – $0.85 (our transportation fee) 10.) Buy Chocolate & Butterscotch Ice Cream in Cone – 4 pcs – $1.46 11.) two small kitkat chocolate bar $0.24 I guess you just popped your eyes out or scream “Nooooo wayyy! and can’t believe right. But yes, this is really true. I just can’t show you the receipt because we buy outside the local market, not in a mall or renowned grocery. In times like this, we need to save money, so if you want to bargain, then go to public market. Life is hard, but when we now how to budget things, i am sure all of us will be able to survive this recession.


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