Ten Most Promising Places for me to Visit

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Some people might think that getting their list of places to visit might be their adios amigo bye bye thingy coz you’re going to die so you want to spend the last minute of your life to visit the places you like. Well for me, it’s the exact opposite. I wanted to make a list of places to visit to positively think i’d be able to visit them and marvel the works of my maker which is God. I’m making this list because i have a dream or a vision to enjoy it together with my family and loved ones. So without further ado here it goes..

1.) BORACAY – The pristine white sand and sparkling blue sea makes me feel captivated by this wonderful place which is in the Philippines, my country. Sadly, i haven’t been to this place yet. I’m a stranger of my own land ‘coz most of the time, we go to Baguio City (Summer Capital) coz my mom is from the north. So that’s why this place would be my no. 1 priority.

2.) TAJ MAHAL- Built by Emperor Shah Jahan to his beloved wife who died giving birth to their 14th child, this magnificent place is in Rajasthan, India. Way far from the city where we lived, i hope one day hubby and i would be able to visit this place.

3.) Leaning Tower of PISA, ITALY – Since i like to eat Italian dishes, this romantic place is good for a romantic girl like me, lol. Kidding aside, i’d like to see how this tower looks like in reality.

4.) PARIS, EIFFEL TOWER – Needless to say, this place is the world’s center for a “Honeymoon”. Paris is really a place for lovers.

5.) RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Hmmmm! very much obvious , what i wanted to see here is the biggest statue of Jesus Christ our Saviour, the Cristo Redentor, in Corcovado mountain.

6.) SWITZERLAND – Not only because of the swizz cheese, swizz chocolate and the swizz watch, i’m after skiing and to seeing the beautiful flowers there.

7.) AMERICA – Oh boy, the land to where the pasture is greener, i would like to visit this country to see Washington DC White House, The Statue of Liberty, The Golden gate Bridge and much more.

8.) BANGKOK, THAILAND- A neighboring country rich in culture. I would like to visit their sandy beaches and savor the flavor of their food.

9.) CAIRO, EGYPT – I’m curious to see the Great Pyramid, The Sphinx and the tombs of their Pharaohs and Queens. Anyone here cares for treasure hunting???

10.) JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – Last but not the least, this place is the center of every christian pilgrimage. The birthplace of our Lord Jesus Christ. This chosen nation ISRAEL is to where our Saviour will soon build a New Jerusalem when He comes back as to what He promised us His children. I’m looking forward seeing this place together with my family.


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