my Nokia N95

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Unconventional not just for two-way slide, but also to achieve a practical purpose: a simple slide, you can from reading maps to watching a video.Slip one end of the phone when it is the number keypad, and sliding in the opposite direction when it is a special multi-media function keys that can be full screen. N95 the most notable is that it uses a Carl Zeiss (Carl Zeiss Tessar) certified optical 5,000,000 pixels CMOS camera, lens focal length of 5.6 millimeters, the largest diameter of F2.9, has a 1 / 1000 ~ 1 / 3 seconds of the mechanical shutter, autofocus support, maximum support is 20 times digital zoom, support for the largest 2592 × 1944 pixels, as well as the pictures were taken 30 frames per second in VGA (640 × 480 pixels) resolution motion video recording, performance tough.

N95 screen display on top of 2.6 inches with a 16 million-color QVGA-resolution TFT screen, although there was no use of VGA screen, but the performance has been good enough. In addition, N95 is a S60-based operating systems and Symbian9.2 software interface third edition FP1 smartphone and entertainment in the day-to-day operation of the performance we would not need too many words to say, and entertainment in order to improve the performance of N95, Nokia also N95 configured for 3D stereo speakers, 3.5 mm headphone jack and stereo Bluetooth music features, a more superior performance.

Expansion, N95 built-in 160MB memory of the mass, which is almost the first time Nokia is such a large-capacity memory, and, N95 also supports micro-SD memory card expansion. Mainstreaming in other areas such as infrared, Bluetooth wireless data transmission is also readily available, while N95 also features a common interface MINI USB data cable. In addition the N95 based on the 3G network also provides support for the HSDPA technology, combined with wireless LAN (802.11 b / g) networks and UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) technology, N95 almost any place on Earth office Internet, send and receive mail, and N95 also incorporates a high-end business machines in 2007 popular GPS module, a comprehensive people speechless!
At present, the price of the Nokia N95 has more listed at the beginning of nearly half of the “shrink”, can not reach, but approachable! So do not put it as “Dream Lover”, the N95 real soon so that approached it to you!


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