The Horse Whisperer

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In The Horse Whisperer we have a kind of loner named Tom Booker (Robert Redford) who seems to have an uncanny way with animals, horses in particular. His popularity seems to be enough that Annie Maclean (Kristin Scott Thomas) seeks him out to help with a problem concerning her daughter Grace (Scarlett Johansson) and her daughter’s horse Pilgrim who were both involved in a near fatal accident and now have severe mental scars as the result.
Annie, a New York magazine editor, pulls a horse trailer containing Pilgrim all the way to Montana to enlist the aid of Tom. It seems that both the horse and the daughter have been traumatized from the accident so he works with both of them through the mental healing process. Tom has a genuine concern for the horse and Grace and I believe this causes Annie to take notice and develop feeling toward Tom which cause her to question her marriage.

Robert Redford has always been a favorite of mine for his ability to completely become the character in the movie and really make us believe. He has an intensity about him that many people find appealing in the movies he has made. As a matter of fact he also directed this movie. Kristen Scott Thomas delivers a fine performance but I found that young Scarlett Johansson’s acting performance supports Robert Redford splendidly and really makes this an emotionally moving film to watch.
I found this to be an excellent story and a movie that will keep you interested all throughout. As I said Robert Redford is a favorite actor of mine but that’s not the only reason to buy this film. You will not be disappointed in purchasing this for your collection.


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