Get money 4 free on the internet part 1

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Facts about Yuwie

Yuwie is a social networking site and just like any other social network you can ad blogs, have friends, send messages and of course you can comment on blogs on Yuwie which is very popular.
Yuwie earns money by showing ads. Every month they calculate the Revenue Sharing Rate (RSR)

There is 2 ways to earn money at Yuwie:
1. You earn money every time your blogs, profile, videos, pictures etc. are viewed. The more blog posts and other stuff you upload to Yuwie and the more people that view them and your profile the more money you earn.
2. You can add referrals. Every time a friend accepts your invitation to Yuwie and sign up as your referral theirs site views makes a bonus for you. This also counts for your friend’s friend’s and so on 10 levels down. This is the most secure way to keep your earnings coming month after month. this is not a one time payout at sign up.

Yuwie pay you with PayPal or AlertPay
You can sign up for PayPal here and AlertPay here

Happy Face:
Yuwie is FREE and you do not take any risks by becoming a member (Sign up here)
Very easy to use
You can earn money without referring any friends
An easy place to make contacts
At the Control panel it is easy to keep track og your page views

Sad Face:
Yuwie looks a bit messy
Yuwie has pop up ads and ads that you have to skip when signing in.
A lot of the blog posts are only there to make new contacts/referrals for other affiliate programs.

I am happy with Yuwie because it is free and easy to use!

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