Is Nuisance Barking Driving You Nuts?

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Does this describe your dog’s nuisance barking?  He barks incessantly at anything, including every noise he hears, people on the sidewalk passing your house, cars going by, trees, birds, and even the moon.  Excessive barking can escalate into a serious issue very quickly, and it’s a good way to cause friction with your neighbors.  Why do dogs bark?  And more to the point, how can you stop a barking dog?

Nuisance Barking Is A Dog Behavior Problem

Some people may be convinced that a dog that barks at anything and everything is a good watchdog, but this isn’t the case.  He’s like a burglar alarm that keeps going off for no reason.  After a while, you don’t pay any attention to his alarms, although it’s impossible to ignore loud barking.

Your dog should only bark if a stranger comes onto your property, or if something dangerous is happening, like the house being on fire.  It’s up to you to teach him when it’s OK to bark, and when it’s not.

Barking is natural behavior for a dog.  In the wild, dogs bark to alert their pack to any threats.  It’s up to the pack leader to deal with the threat, if there is one.  Once the dog has barked, he’s done his job, and then he lets the pack leader do his.

If your dog doesn’t see you as pack leader, then he thinks it’s his job to take care of any perceived problems.  It’s important that you are the alpha dog so that your dog learns to submit to your judgment as to what is and isn’t a threat. 

How To Stop A Barking Dog

You should make it clear to your dog that you’re the pack leader.  It’s up to you to let him know what the limits are for problem barking, and to enforce these limits. 

The best way to communicate with your dog is to use body language and the tone of your voice.  This is how dogs communicate in the wild, and they will instinctively respond.

When the problem barking starts, stand as tall as you can, and tell him “that’s enough”, using a low-toned gutteral growl in your voice.  As soon as he stops, even if it’s only for a minute, praise him, using pleasant high tones.  If he starts up again, correct him with the low growling tones again. 

Keep an eye on him, and correct him every time he barks inappropriately.  Praise him when he barks at the right times.  Consistency is the key to correct nuisance barking.  You dog will learn that barking at the wrong time brings a reprimand, while he’s praised for barking at the right time. 

End Barking Problems For Good

In order to become alpha dog in your home, it’s important to be able to communicate with your dog effectively so he views you as the leader.  This helps to end many dog behavior problems, including excessive barking.


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