How To Recycle Tights

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It’s really frustrating when you get a hole or a ladder in your tights, but don’t throw them away, there are loads of useful and money saving things that you can do with them.

Store onions: get more life out of your onions by storing them in the legs of your old tights. Put an onion in and push it to the end, tie a knot next to the onion and push another in, tie another knot, keep going until you reach the end, tie a knot at the very end to ensure that the onions stay fresh.

Hanging clothes: Stop pegs from damaging your delicate clothes and leaving unsightly marks by hanging your items with tights. Put the legs of the tights through the armholes and put the pegs onto the tights instead of your garment.

Clean your delicate dishes: If you have crockery or cutlery that is too delicate for a scourer, use a crumpled up pair of old tights.

Flour duster: Cut the foot off the (clean) tights, put some flour in and tie the end up.

Draw fresheners: Cut sections from the tights and fill with pot pourri or other nice smelling items, place in your drawers to keep your items smelling fresh. You can also spray perfume onto them as synthetic materials hold fragrance really well.

Polish your shoes: Use a strip of tights to buff your shoes, you can also add polish to them and buff using the tights.

Stuffing: If a cherished toy has run out of stuffing, or a cushion looks a bit sad and lifeless, simply replace the stuffing with strips of old tights


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