How to Add Fresh and Good Looks to Your Washroom

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How to add fresh and good looks to your washroom

Bathroom is a place where you unwind in the warmth of the bath, your body and mind get relaxed. New ideas always keep flowing in the back of your mind on adding more flavor to your bathroom, here are some tips on how to spruce up your washroom;

1. Make your washroom uncluttered and discard any product that is more than one year old, clean your bathroom thoroughly, now place properly your personal products and accessories. All everyday items should be placed in convenient locations.

2. Fit your bathroom cupboards with storage units. There are multitudes of units that are inexpensive and easy to install.  Put up all cabinets on the walls as future holding places

4. You can fix hooks on the walls and back of door for housecoats, towels and wet swimsuits.

 5. Install a basket in the shower/bath to hold the shampoos and other products. If room is available place a storage unit in bathroom to hold your all bath towels.

 6. Get a heater that installs in the back of your mirror. This simple device will keep your mirror fog free and you will never have to wipe mirror with your towel to see yourself after a bath

 7. You can also install a towel warmer to enhance pleasure of your bathing experience.

 8. An suitable bathtub gives the washrooms a complete look.

 9. Italian tiles fitted hand rubbed wood cabinets and sparkling crystal light fixtures lean a real charm.

 10. Bathrooms tend to be dark and drab.  Have the mirror framed in metal or silver leaf frames. The light will be reflected and the room will be all more brighter and improves the overall look and adds a sense of cleanliness.


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