Pixazza and Google in a joint venture!

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Have you ever dropped by a site that is filled with banners and all sorts of ads? What is your experience as you stumble onto these kinds of website?  Annoying isn’t it?  Here you are hungry for good content and what awaits you are bunch of crap. For sure you’ll never go back to that site anymore.

Well, not with Pixazza.  This could be the breakthrough in online advertising.

Pixazza was born by accident, which happened last August.  One afternoon, while James Irvingham and his wife spent hours on the internet trying to find out what brand of shoes Jessica Parker wore in the photo they’ve just seen.  This experience gave birth to an out of the box approach in online advertising.  This will not only benefit advertisers but bloggers as well.

How does their website work?

If you have a lot of website that has substantial pictures in it, then you’re fit for this program.  When a reader  visits your blog, and hovers onto the pictures posted, price tags will pop on the picture involved. Through their affiliates, particularly  Amazon.com Inc., Overstock.com Inc. and Macy’s Inc, corresponding items/brands will pop-up for readers to view.  For instance, you have a picture of Katie Holmes on your website wearing a lovely black dress, when a reader hovers his mouse pointer onto a picture, other brands similar to what Katie is wearing will show as a pop-up.  At the moment, sites like  http://www.laineygossip.com/ and  http://www.imnotobsessed.com/ have integrated Pixazza ads on their respective sites.  If a reader ends up buying these items, you as a webmaster will get a percentage from the sale.

If you think you have the skill to find the corresponding brand that fits a webmaster’s picture, Pixazza has a place for you.  You can sign up as an Expert.

Inspired by the unique niche of Pixazza, Google had decided to join in this venture online, along with August Capital and  CMEA Capital.

Thus, I highly recommend that you visit the site yourself to see if this new approach in online business will work for you.  Good luck!

source: http://workingpinoys.blogspot.com/


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