How To Stay Fat Free In Your Diet

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We all know that too much fats in our diet can be harmful to our health. Although we can’t eliminate all fats in our diet, there are ways to reduce the amount of fat intake when we prepare our food. Here are some tips on how to kickstart your fat free lifestyle when cooking at home or dining out.

If you want to remove the fat from a can of soup, try putting it in the freezer for 10 minutes. You can then scoop the fat off the top. This tip also works for curries. Keep them overnight and in the morning, scoop out the fat.

If you need to make chocolate chip cookies or need to add things like choc bits to your cake, use half the amount by chopping into small bits, so that you can go evenly throughout the dish.

Use peppers, chives, garlic and onions in your cooking. Because of their strong taste, they tend to satisfy your taste buds, so you end up eating less.

Add a pinch of fresh or dried rosemary to water when steaming vegetables. This will add flavor, but not calories or fat.

Reduce the amount of saturated fat in tuna sandwiches by using low fat mayonnaise or you can use mustard and a little olive oil.

When making salad, instead of smothering your greens with salad dressing and cheese, cut down on calories by going for the low fat versions.

Snack on fruits like bananas and apples instead of foods high in fat and calorie such as cakes at teatime.

Cut down on oily fried foods and opt for foods cooked with healthier cooking methods like steaming or grilling.


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