Making The Switch

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With the recent rise in popularity of the online versions of poker, many have begun to play Texas holdem on the net. But some players are still somewhat hesitant to make the switch from the traditional poker table to the virtual cards.

The doubts of many of these players are well placed however. Perhaps the greatest concern with the switch to the digital Texas holdem tables is the apparent change in the gaming experience. Players see the thrill of looking at the cards while being shuffled and anxiously touching them when they are dealt, as the initial thing that draws players to the game. Many veteran players are still not yet accustomed with the idea of holding a mouse and clicking on the cards to play them.

But online play does have its advantages. For one the gameplay can be expected to be very fast considering that the cards need no extra time to be shuffled and distributed to the players, this are instantly generated by the computer in less than a second. Card checking can also be done within a matter of seconds, with the winner of the round being declared in a few moments. Also disputes over decisions can be avoided since the verification of the cards are free from human intervention.

A major concern of players is that many of the game strategies that they use in the regular versions of the game may not be that useful in the online one. This one is certainly true considering the change in the medium of the game. Players expectedly will not find any use for card counting strategies in online Texas holdem, since they can not physically see the cards as it is being distributed.

This can be looked upon in a more positive light though. This situation, while seemingly disadvantageous, can be turned into a challenge by the avid poker player. Since usual strategies will not work on the game, players can improvise and make their own strategies. As an example, while card counting would be somewhat impossible in the online game, the player can still keep track of cards by noting that while the cards are generated randomly, these are still taken from a 52-card deck, making them easier to track. This can also be applied to games that use multiple decks, though a little complicated.

A key thing that players feel is missing in the online version of Texas holdem is player interaction. Players are somewhat turned off by the idea of seeing only the user names of other players instead of their faces. Casino providers have therefore put in greater efforts to promote interactivity between players in the game. The game now feature live chat which allow players to talk to ech other during (though in casino etiquette, this one is considered rude) and after the rounds. A live voice option is also slowly being introduced for a more natural feel than typing responses. Forums are also available for players to interact with others.

The final concern that any Texas holdem player is mindful of is claiming wins. This the casino operators have also greatly considered and taken cared of. Claiming wins online have now been made relatively easy with the use of easy to process payment schemes like Paypal. Financial security is also guaranteed by casinos with the help of banks and federal authorities. Thus the player need not to worry that his money will be stolen by mischievous users.

These features assure the gamer of a pretty solid online experience in Texas holdem and is definitely a must to try for avid players.

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