How to lose Weight the easy way

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There are a lot of program about losing weight. People have tried different studies on how to lose weight. All references are available: the net surfing, at the library and bookstore. But still we have to identify which is the best technique for us to lose weight. I have read a lot of books about dieting: there is low in carb, high in protein, all veggies, etc. But on second thought, I realized that the best diet for anyone depends on the person. After reading several materials, I came up with a combined program which is currently I am using. I already lose 5 pounds after a month of practicing this diet. What I like in this program is that I am still enjoying my favorite foods. I have the easy steps to follow:

1. Write down your goals. Write your ideal weight and place or hang it where it is visible. Mine, I put it in my mirror so that everytime I look at the mirror, It reminds me of my goal. Be creative as well, My ideal weight is 116 lbs. so I write in color pens the numbers 116 and place it in my wallet so that everytime I eat out, it reminds me of my goal whenever I open my wallet. I also have a keychain with 116 number on it.  No one knows what it stands for.

2. Weigh yourself first. Monitor your current weigh so that you will know if you are improving or not.

3. Eat all my meals in half.  I used to eat a whole burger, but now I started eating it in half. Before I used to eat 4 slices of pizza. Now, I make it into 2 slices. If I have a large soda,  I drink only  half of it. If before I eat a pint of ice cream, now i just enjoy two scoops of it.

4. Eat slowly. I am a fast eater, I can finish a burger, fries & my soda in 5 mins. It’s not a good sign. It is said that the faster we eat, the more food we are going to put in. The transmission of the message to our brain  that we are already full are 5 minutes delay.  The slower we finish our food, the better. By that time, our brain receive the message that we are already full.

5. Exercise while watching TV. I hate exercising but a little stretching while watching  my favorite TV show somehow helps.

6. Eat with a friend or companion. I avoid eating alone the past month. I make sure that I have someone with me. I chat more and it helps me to eat slowly.

7. Since I am eating in half servings, there are times that I have to take food in between. Its really okey, I just make sure that I eat slowly so that the message that I am full reach my brain on time.

8. Eat more fibers –  leafy foods, cereal and fruits. Do not eat this in half.  If you will eat an apple, eat it all. Do not eat it in half. We need a lot of fibers. The more fibers we have, the better.

9.  Drink lots of water – at least eight glasses of water.

10. Do not eat when you are not hungry. Again, distinguish your feelings on this “Are you really hungry?” or “You just want to eat”. Eat only when your hungry.

Remember that I do not binge on food. It will totally harm my goal to lose weight. Please make sure that you are healthy to take this kind of diet. It is still best to consult your doctor first.


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