All The Pretty Horses

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A Real Treasure

Although this movie has been released since 2000 I have only discovered it recently and could only concur that I had my head in the ground to have missed this one. If you like a good drama then this movie will really move you and keep you wanting for more! Penelope Crux is absolutely stunning and Mat Damen delivers a performance that no words can do justice.
John Grady Cole (Matt Damon) loses his home and decides to go to New Mexico to work as a cowboy so he enlists the company of his friend Lacey Rawlins (Henry Thomas) and they set off into trouble almost instantly. I will not ruin the movie by telling you the story but I will say that they meet up on the trail with a somewhat questionable but amicable young man named Jimmy Blevins (Lucas Black) who almost instantly dooms them to unforseen troubles.
I guess I can make mention of the romance between Cole and Alejandra (Penelope Cruz) without spoiling the plot. The acting performance of this pair really make you believe in them and put you right on the spot beside them cheering them on. Of course Alejandra’s family is against this blooming romance and stays out of it for a while but eventually they involve themselves into the intricacy of the story.
With the novel written by Cormac McCarthy and the screenplay by Ted Tally; Billy Bob Thornton really makes their work sizzle with his direction of the movie. This is one of the most memorable movies I have seen in a while and it will bless my shelf for as long as I am able to watch it.
There is a lot more to the story that I haven’t mentioned so as not to ruin the first viewing experience for you. Even if you are not particularly a western movie fan this is one you won’t want to miss.
Their were several Golden Globe and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards and although I may have awarded more wins, Ted Tally did come away with the award for best screenplay. Whatever you do, if you haven’t seen this one by now, don’t let it escape you any longer.


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