Where to purchase some of the best jewelry in the entire world.

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If you are in the market for buying or investing in expensive jewelry then Tiffany’s may be the place for you.  Tiffany’s is located on Fifth Avenue in New York City.  The store has been at the same location for over 80 years.

Tiffany’s has a reputation for selling top of line and very expensive and exclusive jewelry.  You will find diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, solid gold necklaces and chains.  Each piece of jewelry comes with certificate of guarantee. 

Tiffany’s is probably not the kind of place for people who just want to browse.  Security is tight throughout the store, which is understandable.   

The store is known to carry exclusive jewels and diamonds not found anywhere else.  In addition, special orders are always welcome.  Tiffany’s will customize your diamond or ruby to suit your personal choice.

In addition to diamonds and other jewels, Tiffany’s sells a selection of gold watches for both men and women.  It is very seldom if ever that the store has a sale on jewelry. 

If you have some serious money to spend and you don’t mind spending it, then you may consider visiting Tiffany & Co.  The sales staff is very helpful which is no surprise considering the prices that they charge. 

The inside of the store reminds me of a palace.  The interior is richly and tastefully decorated.  You may want to call the store to inquire about hours and days of operation.


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