How Does Google Adsense Works?

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So you own a blog or website?

Interested in earning money with your blog?

Then google adsense is the key.

You might have seen that this vary page has so many ads saying ads by google this is what i am talking about.

So how does the google adsense work?

So let me tell you that google adsense is what publishers use on there sites to earn revenue from every click they generate . But where does the money come from? For that you must know that like google adsense there is a system called google adwords which allows advertisers to put campaigns based on there choice of niche and sites they want to advertise on which in turn is what the publishers using google adsense see on the there websites. The google adwords allows publishers to put a bid on the pay per click they want to use. Out of which part of earnings google keeps for itself and remaining goes to google adsense publisher whos site generates the click.

Google generates its revenues mainly from this and the more publishers they have more revenue for google and also to publishers as online advertising is one of the highest revenue generators for now and will remain so as everyone is goin online and big companies looking to grab opportunity to generate sells. The google being the most used and famous serach engine offers a great chance of getting your ad noticed by potential customers and so google adwords is mostly used to generate sells and leads . If your site is well indexed and is on first few pages of google you hold a great chance of making boat load of cash from adsense as your number of visitors keep on increasing from natural traffic.

So this is how google adsense works!

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