Hints to Help Hirsutism

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Living with hirsutism can be a frightening nightmare, but don’t fret ladies. You must always have a positive attitude and always project confidence. There are many steps to fighting hirsutism. As a woman living with hirsutism myself, I only know the methods that worked for me.
They are outlined as follows:
Step 1 is NOT shaving. Never Shave your face. You will have a male beard. Shaving is good for the legs, lower arms, feet, and toes if you are hirsute. Those are the only areas I would shave. Shave around the nipples if you are planning on getting intimate. The best razor is a Mach3 or better.

Step 2 is plucking. You can pluck with a pair of tweezers. The best tweezers are Tweezerman. If you have a full face of hair ike I do, you might want to try an epilator. This is an electronic pair of tweezers. They make ones especially for the face. I used the one that is only supposed to be used on the legs and arms. This does produce more ingrown hairs.

Step 3 is electrolysis. This is virtually useless if you have as much hair as I do. I recommend it to ladies with 15 hairs in their chin. I have 15 hairs in a finger’s width on my chin. It took too much time and pain for me.

Step 4 is laser. I chose this step next. It works. Mostly. It takes a long time, and the results take even longer to see completely. I have had 6 months worth of treatments. It would probably take 2 years. The full benefit of laser is not seen until around a year after in my opinion. You should stick with it. It is very expensive. One treatmentusually costs $275 just for my face. I have hair everywhere! Some offices do accept medical insurance. Do some research.

Step 5 is waxing. Waxing is sometimes painful. I use it sometimes for my eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks (now my hair is a lot softer – in the beginning it was so coarse that I could not wax it), and chest between my breasts. The best wax is the brazilian kind for the bikine line, and make sure you get the kind for the coarsest hair possible.

Step 6 is a good vitamin regimen. I recommend vitamins C and E, saw palmetto, black cohosh, and kelp. These are supposed to help hirsutism. I think they have helped with the coarseness of my hair.

Step 7 is to buy a good NONO hair remover. They are around $250  and can be used in addition to razors for those who MUST shave. These little things really work. Not like magical miracles, but about as effective as laser, and a wonderful tool to use in between laser treatments.

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