How to Change Your Occupation

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First, look at what you are doing and determine if it makes you happy or just pays the bills.  If it does both, great, you are one of the lucky ones.  If not then it’s time to look at what you can do to make some changes and become one of the lucky ones.

Is there something that you do during your day or week that makes you feel positive, that gives you a little smile while you’re doing it?  If so, is it something that you could turn into a paying position?  Here are some examples:  You love the summers when your children are all home and feel sad when school starts because the children are not with you all day – you could consider starting your own daycare.  You enjoy cooking for friends and family – you could start a catering business.  You like spending time working on your family webpage and everyone has told you how great it looks – you could offer your services to businesses.

So many times people do not consider the things they love to do as something that others may need done and would be willing to pay to have it done for them.  Also, people may currently be employed in a position that they are good at but just doesn’t make them happy, or even makes them unhappy.  Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it, but you should take some time to look at all your options.

If you have looked at everything and you have decided to take the next step and change your career path, you have many options, depending on what you are planning on doing.  You could do your desired job at nights or on weekends to see if it is a needed service.  You could change to a part-time position and try your new position part-time, or you can give your notice and make a complete and total change.  The choice is yours and should be based on what you are most comfortable with.

If you decide to leave your current position you can either, give your notice and go on, or you can explain to your employer why you are leaving.  There are benefits to both, depending on your relationship with your employer.  If you have a very limited relationship with your employer it would probably be best to give your notice and move on.  If you have a relationship with your employer that allows you to talk to him or her on a more personal level, you could explain your plans and there could be the chance that your employer might ask you to try your desired skill at your current place of employment or they may give your name out to other businesses that might use your services.  Again, this is something you will need to determine for yourself.

The most important thing to remember is this:  You do not always have to sacrifice happiness for money, sometimes, if you look at things just the right way, you find that they can go hand in hand.


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