Cute Animals

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Look at this bear,feeling hot haan, having bath in the water ofcourse cold water , relaxing.

A bear is distinguished from members of the other carnivore families by its heavy body; short tail; short, rounded ears; and plantigrade feet (both heel and sole touch the ground, as in humans) with five clawed toes. It also lacks the shearing teeth common to most carnivores; the crushing molars of a bear are believed to be an adaptation for a plant diet. Although all bears are classified as carnivores, the different species vary widely in their feeding habits. For example, the polar bear feeds almost exclusively on seals and other animals, but it may also graze on vegetation; the grizzly eats grasses, herbs, berries, and nuts as well as living or dead fish and other animals.


Look at these cute puppys, are they jogging or running or just a walk :). aren/t they raelly meltin gyour heart?

Whether you live on your own in an apartment or are a family of ten in the country, dogs just make life a whole lot better! Dogs are loyal and faithful friends. A dog is not only cute but will give so much pleasure as you watch it grow and learn.

All in all dogs make for the most exciting and rewarding of pets.



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