You don’t need to buy that!

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Many things we get just gets tossed out as garbage. But I am telling you, you can reuse it.

Take the plastic grocery bags.  You can do many things with them. Mainly, to use as garbage bags for your small garbage cans. They fit great.

Another good idea is making a Christmas wreath. Here you will find instructions on how to do it:

One other idea for using them is as packing material. They fill in areas in bags and boxes. It works great.

Another thing that is worth saving is those plastic closures that come on bread sacks. I am not meaning the twist ties.You can use them to scrub non-stick pans. The stuck on stuff comes off and no scratch marks on the pan. They don’t last forever, but you might as well get some extra use out of them.

If you have home canned goods, you can reuse the jar flat. Not for canning but as a pan scraper. It will work good on stainless steel pans.

What about all those jars and plastic containers? Those big ice cream tubs can be used to store flour and sugar. Anything that you buy in bulk. If you buy yeast in those brown jars, you can use the jars to hold dried herbs you may grow or spice mixtures you may make. Plastic containers of all sizes can be used to store leftovers.

You can save the big shaker containers, like the ones that parmesan cheese comes in,  to hold homemade spice mixtures or whatever you can think of. I have one that I use for my gardening. I buy the big containers of powder and fill up the shaker with it.

When I buy something from the store, I always try to come up with a way that I can use the container so I don’t have to buy something else. The possibilities are endless, only limited by your imagination.


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