How to eat Heart Healthy

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Chicken,fish, vegetables and fruits are the main heart healthy foods.

Chicken should be grilled,baked or stir fried. Season with low fat margerine,or olive oil ,cajun spice,black pepper, green pepper and onion for a heart healthy way of cooking. Take the skin off the chicken for less fat in your diet. 

Fish is tasty grilled,or baked. Use a blackening seasoning for a cajun flair when grilling. The fish can be grilled with pepper and garlic powder for a great taste. Baking fish brushing on lemon and low fat margerine can be so very flavorfull. Canned in water tuna fish is good heaped on top of a cheif salad with lots of  green and yellow vegetables.Use a low fat dressing.

Vegetables are very important for they supply a whole lot of vitiamins. Green vegetables such as brocolli, spinach,green beans,peas and cabbage. Most vegetables are better for you steamed or stir fried. Add seasoning  like garlic,black pepper,onion,low fat margerine or olive oil.

Fruits have vitiamin C ,B , E ,folate and antitoxidents that are good for the Heart.. Apples,grapes,pears,oranges ,tangerines, banana’s. watermelon, cataloupe, strawberries are a few of very good heart healthy fruits. Banana’s have a good supply of pottasium which is great for the heart. Another good pottasium source is the avacodo,

 A person should eat at least nine sevings a day of vegetables and fruit. Fresh fruit  and vegetables are  the best for you eat whenever possible.

Then there are the dairy products which supply calicum to your body. Low fat milk,cheese,yogurt,cottage cheese,are heart healthy. Fiber is another way to get heart healthy. Brown rice,whole wheat bread,whole wheat pasta and oatmeal are wonderful sources of fiber.

To sum up try to eat as heart healthy every day for a longer and healthier life.


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