How To Stop Dog Licking – Four Tips That Really Work

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Are you tired of your dog licking everything in the house?  If your dog won’t stop licking, it can create problems.  Is she licking herself bald?  Does she lick you too much?  Or is she licking your carpet or your furniture?  If you need to stop dog licking, there are four things you should know.

If Your Dog Won’t Stop Licking, She Might Have Allergies

If your dog licks her paws after she eats, she may be allergic to something in her food.  Check the first four ingredients.  If corn or meat by-products are one of these first four ingredients, change brands to one that doesn’t contain either one.  Also change the protein source.  For example, if chicken is listed in the first four ingredients, look for a brand that has beef or lamb listed instead.

Flea allergies can cause hours of incessant itching from one flea bite.  Your dog will lick frantically, and be in obvious distress.  She may lick her fur off or develop a lick granuloma, which can be difficult to treat.  If excessive canine licking is a problem, take your dog to the vet to rule out any medical conditions.

Your Dog Loves You – Licking Is Normal Dog Behavior

Canine licking is a normal way dogs show affection for their owners.  Dogs will often greet their owners in the morning or when they return home after an absence by licking them.

However, some dogs carry this to an extreme, wanting to lick their owners constantly.  Some will even chase their owners around the house, trying to lick them, which is very annoying. 

If your dog overdoes the loving, tell her “no” and walk away from her.  Don’t look at her.  Ignore her completely for a couple of minutes.  Your dog will probably be persistent, but you need to be more persistent.  Be sure everyone in the house is on the same page, or you’ll never get her trained.

Do You Have An Anxious Dog?

Licking herself for emotional comfort is one of many bad dog habits an anxious dog can develop.  It can take some detective work to figure out the cause of her anxiety.  Is she left alone every day for many long hours?  Does she have separation anxiety in dogs? 

If your dog won’t stop licking due to anxiety, it can develop into an obsessive compulsive behavior very quickly, so it’s important to determine what is causing the problem.  She may just need more attention from you.

Are You Inadvertently Encouraging Bad Dog Habits?

Many dog owners don’t realize how easy it is to train their dog to do exactly what they don’t want them to do.  For example, if you don’t pay much attention to your dog unless she’s licking you, that’s what you’re training her to do.  Dogs crave your attention, whether it’s good or bad. 

If she’s overdoing the licking, say “no!” firmly.  You don’t have to yell.  Turn and walk away.  Ignore your dog for a couple of minutes.  Then let her approach you again.  If she starts licking you again, repeat your actions.  Give your dog lots of love and attention, especially when she’s doing what you want her to do, but ignore her when she does something you’d rather she didn’t.  Your dog will quickly learn what gets your attention and what doesn’t.


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