FTP and Uploading Your Website

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FTP stands for file transfer protocol and is obviously used for transferring files. Before beginning, a free FTP client can be found on numerous freeware sites. AceFTP is fairly dependable, fast and allows multiple file transfers, but there are many others.

Most of them are laid out similarly and they all require the same information. To ensure connection obtain the necessary information from the host provider such as: Server’s FTP address, user ID and password. Record this information for future reference in case it becomes lost.

* To create a new profile, go to file and then to new site profile and input the information. This is very handy when handling more than one website profile as they all will be listed for future updates.

Along the left side the files on the computer should be listed. To make the site files easier to find, make sure they are all placed in the same folder before transferring. It’s also a good idea to back up the files onto a disk.

Files can be uploaded and transferred to the site or downloaded back to the computer. There are simple arrows that help visualize the options of going in or out. Usually there is a public HTML folder on the right once connected, which is where the files should probably go.

Once the right pointing arrow is clicked on to transfer the files out, you can also see them on the server on the right side. Alternately, clicking and dragging the files usually works too. The FTP client might make a drum roll noise or something just to enforce the fact that yes, the files were transferred. When updating, the option is offered to override old files which is convenient.

* Not all web host providers offer FTP, so check into that before signing on if transferring files through FTP is wanted. It’s a convenient way to run a website because there are no worries about signing in anywhere once set up.

A lot of free hosts offer file managers without FTP which can be inconvenient and more time consuming, especially when transferring multiple files.FTP can also be used to share files and many sites offer anonymous access to their data. Usually they require input such as an email address in place of a user name and password, but once that’s done there’s access to heaps of information.


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