Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos

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150lbs Catchweight – Hitomi Akano (14-5) vs. Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos (6-1):

ROUND ONE: Josh Rosenthal is the official. And here we go. They come out, leg kick by Akano, but Santos unloads and then tosses Akano to the cage. Santos keeps throwing great strikes and takes Akano down to the mat with a slam/German suplex. Akano almost had an arm bar, pulls guard now and Santos works strikes while Akano tries to hold her close. Santos postures up, ground and pound and Akano with an up kick to back her off. To the feet, Santos stalks her and Akano throws a kick, caught, rights by Santos and takes Akano down. Santos backs off, Akano to her feet and she is backing off. Jab by Santos, she tries to pull guard but Santos backs off. To the feet, slip by Santos on a right, kicks by Akano but a left hook by Santos backs her off as the round ends.

SCORECARD:: 10-9 easily for Santos.

ROUND TWO: Santos overpowered Akano in round one easily. Round two begins and leg kicks by Akano. Santos presses forward, lands a good combo, Akano shoots, stuffed and Santos refuses to go to the ground with her. Akano misses a body kick, good jab by Akano, but Santos is unloading with clean strikes. Akano tries to back off, shoots, they clinch and knees by Santos. Akano tried a jumping arm bar, stopped and to the ground they go. Santos in the high guard of Akano, good wrist control by Santos as Akano just holds on. Sweet rights and lefts from Santos. Some hammer fists follow, Santos has her against the cage, keeps landing good strikes and now has side control as the round ends.

SCORECARD:: 20-18 for Santos, again, easily.

ROUND THREE: Round three begins, leg kick by Santos. Akano slips, and wants to roll into a leg lock, but nothing. Santos begins to kill her after a knee and numerous strikes and that is all.

THE RESULT: Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos via RD3 (0:35) KO

They show Gina after the fight. Cyborg was 61 of 104 in total striking. Gus is with Santos, and he brings up the weight issue. She says she had a “woman” problem and also says it will never happen again. Regarding facing Gina Carano, Santos says that she wants to be the best female fighter ever, and if Carano is in her way, she will take her down.


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