What a Rottweiler is all about.

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Rottweillers are first and foremost very intuitive. They are pros at body language. As puppies, it’s true they definitely need training.They will give you many years of love like you’ve never had before. One of a Rottweillers “traits” are that they love to roll around on their backs on carpet or grass. If you spend a good amount of time with your Rotty, he/she will become very used to your likes and dislikes, to the point that they will know who you like and don’t like. They usually react to this and like or dislike the same people. Beware though, they also can “read” other people and may not like people that you do. Trust your dog, he’s been doing this for all his life. It’s his Job to understand things you know nothing of, and protect you to the best of his ability. They are also smart, and will take advantage of his their owners if they allow it. So do your homework and make sure that “No” is “No” ALL the time for everything. Don’t correct him if you aren’t going to be able to follow through. He looks to you for leadership all the time. So be the leader all the time. If you don’t want a 100 lb. dog monopolizing your sofa or bed, don’t let the puppy do so, either. Rottweilers can be the best friend you’ve ever had, or your worse enemy, it truly all depends on how you raise it. If your words are true all the time, then you’ve really got a best friend, “till death do you part.” Rottweilers are very trainable and learn quickly. Good attributes and bad ones. They want to learn and they want to be doing something. They don’t know whether it’s a good thing or bad, until you clue them in. If need be, they will “teach” theirselves, in trial and error, if left alone. It’s for these reasons, that the rotty has received a negative reputation. People will get these highly intelligent dogs and train them to do negative things or let them to their own devices, depending on environments, they do negative bad behavior. Loyal, willing, and totally loving is what you’ll have, if you apply these principles I’ve spelled out for you.


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