What Panic attacks are

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Panic attacks are worse then any physical pain without a doubt the can hit you like a fright train and come as fast as a spy plane coming out of no where. This is the part of the book where most people giving like there life story and we all cry a little bit inside. Well I’ve researched it and when books say that it kind of tics me off. Cause I always think what did I do to deserve this. If asking yourself that question right now let me answer it for you. You have not caused these. Although I said I’m not a big fan of success stories I am in the process of overcoming these panic attacks. I’m not going to tell you my life story (if you want it contact me). But I will tell you a little bit about myself I’m young like young (not saying my age). I’m in my mind not a very stressed person which shows that panic attacks can happen to anyone, stresses or not, I’ve heard that it’s inherited from relitives,which I believe is true, but sometimes it is not.

there isnt really a good way to describe panic attacks. In a way there is not a way at all. But ive come up with one way that works sometimes. Think of a mood ring from the 70s. You know how it changes colors and tell you what mood your in? Or even imange a thermonter. Now the mood ring it becomes red and blue and ornage and all the other colors. So your stressed and the ring is red. But a panic attack would be repersented by the ring exploding and leaving the person dazed and confused. Now that probly didnt make alot of sense to you. Thats ok i didnt think it would. But back to the thermoter. Think of it going up and up and up and then exploding. Panic attacks make everything seem like its not real. Its very scary. But there are ways to treat it. But the only problem is most people dont know thats what they have. the way i look at is. Imange if all the people that had cancer didnt know that they had cancer? Not cool at all. Thats kinda the way panic attacks and all the other things like it are. All the people are losing jobs,staying home,being scared and thinking life isnt real. but if they could just know that there having a panic attack than it would make life easier. You might be reading this and be very happy cause you think you have these and you probly do. i reccomend that you do some reasearch like i did when after 3 years i thought this might be a thing other people have as well. But before that i just lived with it. It was starting to ruin my life. and i just cant imange what life would have ben like if i had just know it was panic attacks. im writing this because people always donate to cancer and things like that. but they cant and never will be able to really truely connect to the suffers. But with panic disorder i can connect because i had them. To me its just makes me feel better inside to know im helping someone just like me Then wanting prasie for donating.


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