Rude Awakening

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C’mon people, this is serious
wake up!
realize that this countries freedom is fragile
the economy is crumbling….
By the year 2017, America will be in shambles
giving out more money to medicare than the government can handle
the deficit is in terrible shape
400 million interest to people who cannot stand us
allowing tax dollars to go towards the improper causes
where is the justice?
the perfect storm is brewing
the American people are consumed in profiting off their own resources and not concerned with the outcome
this convenience and safety creates a weak state of mind
the fear keeps the population there in gated communities
they are surely safe inside a zoo!
Oil is decreasing quickly and in vast amounts
giving out more than is going to be going in by tax paying people
the hard workers that pay for illegal immigrants to live for free and
steal their jobs
are you unaware of what is happening all around you?
Americans just keep moving through their lives
what to buy?   feed my mind!!!
buy buy buy
they feed you alcohol and drugs that come in from behind these enemy lines
slowly forget what issues are subject to change
aliens walking all over legal citizens that are too lazy to see them take our children’s futures
they rob us blind and shake our hands
ignorant of what is to come….
freedom falls easily
crush the borders as our language blends
consider your families
the ones that you call your friends
this is the real war and it is right at home
it is closer then you think it is
don’t deny yourself of what is right in front of you
fraudlent minds disguise their true intentions
bringing down our belief in resistance
breaking away from choices that are ours to make before they had chosen them for us
are we about to sit down and choose to accept it?
allow our land to become a freak show?
media eyes hung from our family rooms
our lives set on cruise control
breeding deathless tyranny rulers
this has happened so many times before
empire rises than down the empire falls
submitting to ideals that have been handfed
instead of opening minds
perceive the agreedance committed by you
rise against the sickness
they deny the reasons behind why it is simple
the buisnesses are money hungry and they don’t care about borders or people or who they have to step over to feed their hunger
stricken our nation
the national debt
collects negative numbers
dollars signs get bigger as our pockets get smaller
lowered standards on character
murderers run free in the streets due to fear and segregation
one nation with a faulty system is dismissing the issues
giving up on ourselves, quitting and letting them win without even realizing it.


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