Asparagus Recipes: How To Cook Asparagus

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Asparagus is one of those vegetables to be cooked before eating. Furthermore, to be served when they bear a large number of variants. Fried, au gratin, to the coals, or in soup as you like. Asparagus can not miss on your table. Will eventually be indispensable in any of your meals. The asparagus is a vegetable very versatile. However, being so fibrous, can not be eaten raw. Must apply a cooking about 5 to 10 minutes, to acquire its fair. Once cooked, you can make them as you please.

The asparagus are excellent when consumed in salads, using their points. Also fried, coated, or the embers gratinated, will be wonderful. It is also very common to make a good asparagus soup. If you prefer to eat as an accompaniment, are very good with fish, poultry or red meat.

Wash the asparagus, return to the bundle and tied with a thread. Place within a deep pot so that they are stopped with the tips pointing up and not touching the water. The tips are left out of the water because they are more tender and will cook more quickly, this will be cooking with steam that slowly release the water to boil. Will cook about 15 minutes or until done. It can not be rotated to keep them away from its firing point. Cook asparagus as soon as possible to ensure better flavor. Asparagus (shoots) are beginning to lose its flavor and smoothness immediately after being harvested.

Peeled asparagus can be put into the water to be cooked, and this water can refrigerate and reuse. The water that has been cooked asparagus making a delicious flavor and is excellent because it contains nutrients, you can use to make soup or to cook vegetables.

Peel asparagus can be hard work, so many chefs prefer to break the hard part of the base. To use this method, with one hand gripping the top of the asparagus (a half) and with the thumb and index finger of your other hand grab the bottom of the asparagus. Double each asparagus until it breaks into two parts.

Asparagus is easy to break the soft part (soft) which is attached to the hard part. Although this method leads to much waste, cut the parts that can be used for soups or soups with vegetables, if desired.

Asparagus can be eaten raw, steamed, boiled, cooked on the grill, roast or incorporated into foods made in pans or salads. Tall and thin asparagus are ideal for cooking, where the heads are steamed. The key to cooking asparagus is cooked briefly (a short time.)

The flavor of asparagus combines well with many ingredients, but it is also delicious with just olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. When using asparagus salad, always wait until help add dressing, because the high acidity of most dressings put asparagus yellow. Add fresh chives, basil, thyme, and tarragon to enhance the flavor of cooked asparagus.

Microwave cooking
To cook the asparagus in the microwave, cut the stem about 4 cm, which is the hard part, and placed within a suitable source for this device. The overlapping ends are placed at the center of the source. Calculated ¼ cup of water per 500 grams of asparagus. Cook 7 to 9 minutes at maximum power.


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