How to Make Money at Home with Crafts

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Making money at home is a growing trend these days; everyone is looking for their own home business niche. If you’re one of those artful folks, this article will show you how to make money at home with crafts.

If you have you’re own crafts already designed, the website will help you market your wares at a great price~ Right now, the site is offering a ‘$7 per month’ promotional rate for life (but only for a select number of new accounts.) The site is designed like an online consignment store but with no commissions!

Another site to retail your goods is the popular auction site, Ebay. You can set your desired price but there’s always the possibility that your items will sell for more. If you choose to list your items on Ebay, keep in mind that the items may not sell but you will still have to pay for listing fees.

But what if you don’t have your own products to market? Well there are ways for you to make money at home with crafts, too! There are companies who pay for you to assemble their projects at your own home. The premise of the ‘job’ is that you will pay for the materials needed for the projects and will then yield an income for the completed pieces. Most reputable assembly companies will offer a refund after a certain number of units are completed. (Be careful to research the validity of any company that you are considering as an opportunity before sending them money~) For two proven assembly sites, read on.

Consider visiting the ‘New England Crafters & The Magical Gift Company’ website. This company was begun in 1983 and offers about 30 different projects. The starter kits for their projects are $44.95 plus $3.95 for shipping and handling. In addition to offering a training DVD, the site also shows you how many pieces each kit will make and what you can expect as a return for your work.

Another credible crafting company is ‘The Ideal Craft Company, Inc.’ The fee that this company charges for materials is called a registration fee and is slightly lower than ‘New England Crafters’ at $29.95. The projects are reasonably simple, but at this time, there are only 4 available to choose from.

*  Use your social networking sites to promote your Artfire or Ebay listings~
*  Check the resources section for links to all websites noted in this article.

*  Don’t let yourself get scammed! Before sending any money to a company, be sure that you have researched the company thoroughly.
*  Home assembly companies have strict quality guidelines. Be sure you are confident that you can complete your project selection to the company’s standards.


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