Top 5 (Affordable) Beauty Products

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In the wake of our slowing economy, many people are having to assess their spending habits. What once seemed to be necessity may now be deemed frivolous. In times like these, any purchase better be worth it. The following are my top five beauty products that I think are definitely worth it.

  • 1. Purpose Cleansing Wash – $6.99. For about $7 a bottle, it delivers on its claim of being gentle enough to use on your sensitive eye area. I have oily skin so I was a bit skeptical if it was ‘strong’ enough to clean my skin but like most skin experts will tell you, that squeaky clean feeling is not good when it comes to your skin. This cleanser cleans my skin without drying it out. Did I also mention that it was on InStyle Magazine’s ‘Best Products of the Year’ for 2008 (a list which is compiled by experts)?
  • 2. Ponds Cold Cream – $8.79. An oldie but a goodie. With the onset of winter, many of us will see drier skin (even those of us who have oily skin). For those days when my skin seems a bit dry, I put this on at night and wake up to soft supple skin.
  • 3. Origins Nature’s Microdermabrasion – $37. Now some may say at $37 a pop that this face scrub is excessive. One jar of this lasted me 6 months (I use it 2-3 times a week). Not only that, but this is one of the only scrubs I have found that actually cleanses the skin as well. A lot of other scrubs, you have to wash your face first with your regular cleanser and then exfoliate. But with this product, you put it on dry skin, exfoliate and then add water to dissolve the granules into a cleanser. Definitely worth the money.
  • 4. Sally Hansen Lip Color Sealer – $5. Modern technology has brought us fabulous long lasting makeup. But what’s even better than having long lasting makeup? Making the makeup you already have long lasting (thus saving you the expense of buying new things). The Sally Hansen lip color sealer is a great product that you put on over your lipstick and it keeps it in place all day long. Side note: It does dry your lips so make sure you moisturize them before applying your lipstick and then sealer! Still a great value as you are spared having to spend money buying your favorite shades in new long lasting formulas.
  • 5. Bath & Body Works Signature Collection: Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion – $9.50. The fragrance of this lotion is amazing. I prefer the lotion over the body spray and perfume because it’s serving both the purpose of a fragrance and a moisturizer in one. Put it on in the morning and you’ll smell lovely with soft skin all day long.

While the products mentioned above are just a starting point, it’s important to note that the drug store aisles are lined with products that promise to do many things. Be wary of giving into the sensationalistic claims listed on their packages. Find what is right for you and stick to it. If a product doesn’t work (give it enough time..this usually means about a month) don’t be afraid to return it if it’s left unused. Check the return policy of the store as many drug stores do you let you return products that have been used if you aren’t satisfied. Go forth and spend wisely!


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