How to Make a Kitten or Cat Scratching Post

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There is nothing as sweet as a kitten. Welcoming a new kitten in your house will bring love, humor, and a wonderful new relationship. You have now taken on the responsibility of meeting kittens needs. This article will help you make a Kitten Scratching Post.

Things You’ll Need:
carpet remnant large enough to envelope the board
Staple gun

Begin my assembling your supplies from the “Things You’ll Need” list. Be sure that the carpet remnant can envelope the board. If the board is 2x4x6, the carpet will need to be at least 14 x 12. Measure your board surfaces around the width and add them up then add two inches for overlap. In our example 2″ +2″+4″+4″ includes the surfaces then add 2″ for overlap. And again for the width, 6″+6″+2″+4″.

Feel free to substitute materials. If you do not have a carpet remnant, pick up a seisel or any type of straw rug or heavy canvas fabric from the store. Recycle a material that you have in your trash or recycle, strong piece of plastic or cardboard.

Place the outermost material face-side-down on the floor. In our example this is the carpet on the floor upside down so you are looking at the back of the carpet.

Sprinkle the middle of the carpet librally with catnip. You can purchase bags of this where ever cat supplies are sold.

Place the board over the catnip.

Pick up the staple gun and begin to envelope the board. Start with the short sides first if you are working with carpet, which is very difficult to get to fold and conform. Pull the edges up and staple onto the back. If you want to leave one section that you can pull up the carpet and tuck in more catnip, use tacks on one edge so you can remove them with a hammer.


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