My Random Thoughts: American Idol Season 8: Top 7

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I love watching American Idol so here are my thoughts about the remaining 7 contestants:

Adam Lambert – The only time this guy ever impressed me was during Motown Week when he sang “Tracks of My Tears”. I didn’t hear any shrieking or screeching from him which was good. I also loved the clean look.

Allison Iraheta – This girl won my vote with her performance last week. Her rendition of “ I Can’t Make You Love Me” was one of her best performances and for me, made her worthy to be part of the top3. I bet she’ll be the last girl standing.

Anoop Desai – This guy shines best when in a group. I’ve seen his youtube clips with his college singing group and he is great there. But as a solo artist, I’m not that confident he’ll make it. But I have to give credit to his advisers because he has been making the right song choices. I loved his rendition of “Always On My Mind”.

Danny Gokey – I love his voice too but he still needs to impress me with a good song choice that will blow me away. Although I think he’ll be safe for a few more weeks since the judges are all rooting for him. Even if he gets voted out, the judges will surely give him another chance.

Kris Allen – This guy is a big surprise for me. I loved his earlier song choices like “To Make You Feel My Love”, “Do You Remember The Time” and “Man In The Mirror”. If he just continues to do this and with his good looks, he might be on the Top 3 getting all the girl-votes.

Lil Rounds – I think she’s the weakest link in this group. I loved her during the elimination rounds but she doesn’t seem to make an impact during her performances. She doesn’t stand out at all. If she doesn’t make a good song choice this week, I’m guessing she’ll be booted out.

Matt Giraud – This guy’s husky voice makes him unique. I loved his rendition of “ Let’s Get It On”. I just hope that he’ll win the hearts of the American voting audience. It seems to me that compared to the other guys, despite his talent, he is the least popular.

And so as of this week, my guess for the Top 3 are (not because I like them but just because I think America will vote for them!)— Allison, Adam and Danny.


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