How to avoid getting cancer

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Read this article and please don’t think this is a hoax. These are truly great ways to fight and help prevent cancer. I had an aunt who died last year from cancer. Since then, I’ve learned a lot more on how to fight it. Receiving the big C, is one of the scariest things for anyone. For our loved ones in family and friends. I will give you some great tips to avoid getting cancer. Some of these can also be used to treat cancer as well. I can’t guaranteed this 100% will mean you never get it, or that it will without a doubt cure it. Because there’s no 100% cure for cancer, but these are definitely great tips to help treat and prevent cancer.

Step 1.) Eat fish. You ever wonder why a shark and a fisherman never gets cancer? Because they loads of fish, that are extremely high in omega-3 oils.

Step 2.) Take Omega-3 fish oil, especially if you don’t like fish. Whether this reduces cancer or not is somewhat up in the air. A supplement called DHA kills growing cancer cells and tumors. There’s new research from Trinity College Dublin that Omega-3 fatty acids benefit cancer undergoing operations.

Step 3.) Eat foods high in Omega-3. If you don’t like fish, which contains the richest amount of Omega-3. Eat walnuts, green vegetables, like green beans, spinach, broccoli. Eat strawberries, squash, legumes.

These are a few steps from an article I wrote. For more tips on how to avoid getting cancer, click on the link below.


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