Things You Need to Know about the Nokia N82

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Okay, so here we have another cell phone, the Nokia N82 N-series phone. I got mine brand new so I can review this product from my “out of the box experience”. From the features listed in its box, I can say that this phone is pretty much the same with the Nokia N-series phone, N95. Some differences are the screen and the slide panels on the N95. The N82 is a candy bar cell phone. Unlike the slide phone N95, you wouldn’t have to worry about the slide panel becoming loose in time or worrying about its connector ribbon inside being worn out in a matter of two years.

Just got home from the shop and I’m about to open the box. As I open the box, the phone seems to be encased in a hard plastic shell. The phone seemed heavy at first in my hands and feels kind of a bit big for a cellular phone, compared to let’s say a Nokia 6120 classic. It’s got all complete accessories, batteries, 2gig micro SD, Charger, Data cable, TV out cable, Manuals and CD’s. Examining the outer housing seems like chrome steel on the face, plastic on the back. Insertion of SIM and battery is easy, no problems at all. The small key buttons are quite soft and feels nice to press. Additional function keys in the front for logging last activity on the phone, on the side a gallery shortcut button. Aside from the usual softwares in the Nokia Symbian Os, This includes a Barcode scanner, Quickoffice, Panoman, Asia maps, world clock, and Hotsites which installed itself from the SD card when I booted up the phone.

The Camera is quite in between amateur and pro. All it actually needs is an additional optical zoom and it would’ve kicked any branded digital camera in the market. With its Carl Zeiss 5mp auto focus lens and Xenon bulb flash, I was able to get pictures in absolute darkness and the outcome was as bright as ever. Loudspeakers are stereo to 3D, punches a loud volume that could stir up a quiet office during lunch breaks. The DVD CD installs the N-series PC suite and other connectivity software you may need to transfer files to your phone and upgrade your phones software. The clarity in the screen display is flawless. I dropped my N82 once from the side of my bed but it’s as sturdy as a rock. Voice clarity when calling is 100 percent clear on a full network signal. Secondary camera is a little bit grainy but all others in the market are like this as well. It also has an auto rotate screen which turns your phone into landscape view when you tilt it to one side.

The music player is a bit different. It’s got some sort of visualization stuff going on. More and more options which I liked a lot. 3.5mm headphone input jack can accommodate your favorite headset. Podcast is also enabled in this phone. Wi-Fi browsing is fun using the landscape view of the 2.4″ screen.

If I lost this phone I would definitely get another.


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