How to Plan a Fire Pit Party

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Do you have a firepit that you wish you used more often? You neighbors and friends will appreciate it if you do!

Let guests kow that it will be tentative based on rain and wind. Let everyone know in the afternoon that the Fire Pit Party is ‘on’. Start the party as it is getting dark, usually after dinner.

Swing by the grocery store and pickup ingredients for smores (graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bars), popcorn, apples and caramel, brownie mix, and the ingredients or a savory plate of crackers/cheese/olives/red peppers etc. For drinks have hot chocolate and warm apple cider. Warm the cider with two to three sticks of cinnamon, whole cloves in apple or orange slices and a little bit of brown sugar.

If this is a family event, consider not serving alcohol at all. If the kids are not attending, spike the hot chocolate with coffee liquor and the cider with a fruit liquor (orange for example).

If you will cook the popcorn over the fire or have the smores cooked over the fire you will need to have firewood to last for 4 or 5 hours. Do not use artificial logs if you are cooking food.

Keep the hoses on with spray nozzles closed near by. Show your guests where the hoses are so that they can get to the hoses immediately. 

Keep the area around the firepit free of sticks and logs so no one trips.  Store them in a garbage can just outside of the area. 

Enjoy the beauty of the fire and the pleasure of the company.


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