Twilight’ DVD release: Partying at midnight?

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Naively, it didn’t occur to me that there would be midnight parties at various retailers tonight for the release of the Twilight DVD (I Download It Free At But just because the movie was a bit disappointing for some, doesn’t mean that others won’t want to own it. Immediately. Plus, the extras have been getting some decent buzz. You’ve got more making out in the deleted scenes, Robert Pattinson livening up the commentary track. There are good times still to be had, friends. (Or so I sincerely hope since I’m planning on buying my copy Saturday — at a sane hour.)

What are your Twilight DVD release plans? Had I not a pre-existing engagement with my DVR and sofa, I might’ve headed to a local Borders. They’re planning in-store scavenger hunts, which sound horrifying but hypnotic. They’re also doing The Borders Twilight Movie Awards, in partnership with Summit Entertainment. Fans vote on competitive categories such as “Best OME (Oh My Edward) Moment,” non-competive categories such as “Best Vampire,” humorless categories such as “Funniest Moment” (Edward getting his first whiff of Bella in biology should’ve been nominated — Pattinson’s acting cracked me up!), and seriously incomplete categories such as “Best Hair.” I may have laughed when I first saw photos of Peter Facinelli as blond Carlisle, pictured, but I thought he totally pulled that look off in the film. You Can Download it Free Here

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