Picture of a woman

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Picture of a woman

I don’t know what it is about this woman
If I were so inclined to stand beside you
Would you tell me so the time isn’t right?

If I’d bottle up all the love and kindness you give me
I would keep it all in my special corner
I am blessed with nothing as I stand next to the sun

Sunshine glows through my window
Each time I close my eyes and see you in my mind
Leaving your smell on my coat!

I can’t seem to understand
What it is about this woman
Makes me wrap this world around my shoulders

Searching for a long time this love I found in you
Today I’ll open my windows and will sit by
Waiting for you to come through

I’ve been carrying my heavy load
Waiting for your love to help me get through
Soul searching looking for where you are at!

Many times in many ways I’ve turn my back on all else
I don’t know what it is about this woman
I would sleep out in the rain, if so she’d say!

Today I’ll draw this picture, you are in my mind
Waiting for my second chance, though I don’t feel good enough
Until that fine day you will come to me

Then will I only be reborn from my wreckage
My heart will no longer be empty
My angel, my true north!

(C) JRosillo 2005


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