How to Get a Good Hotel Room

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We’ve all had the hotel room whose window faces the brick wall, has the air conditioner compressor outside the window, has the elevator next door. How do you get a good hotel room? This will article will give you a few good tips.

Be loyal to a brand of hotels. Find out which hotel chains share loyalty points. Go to the website of the hotel you stay at most frequently and learn all of the brands within the family of hotels. For example, I use Hilton when I travel for work because there is usually always a Hilton in a major city, then I use Embassy Suites or Homewood Suites when I travel with my family on vacation – they are all in the same family so I get brand loyalty everytime I am on the road.

Choose your priorities. Do you want a sunny southern window? A balcony? Near the gym? Do you want double beds? Do you want a view? Do you want quiet? Do you want to be 3 floors or lower in case of emergency you can plan easy escape? Know what is important to you and then be ready to compromise on the other points. Give up the king size bed for the sunny southern window.

Call ahead and Confirm your Reservation with the hotel, not the 1-800 number. When you do this you can chat with the desk clern about your preferences that they can note in your reservation.

Arrive early – the later in the day the fewer rooms.

Look like an executive when you arrive. Sure you don’t want to travel for work on Sunday afternoon and you would prefer to be in your Sunday jeans and sneakers, but remember, the hotel wants to project a high-class image and has an affinity to someone who shows up in a tailored outfit (doesn’t need to be a suit on Sunday) wearing leather shoes, not sneakers.

Engage with the desk clerk in the same way that they engage with you. Courteous, polite, charming, brisk. Help them feel good about themselves doing a good job and they will want to help you out. Be ready to compromise on some of your requests to get the high priority requests met.

If you are in an awful room – we could all tell horror stories – call the front desk and request either a fix or a room change (know which one you want before you call). They are usually very accomodating in wanting to keep you a happy customer. Plumbing will go, housekeeping will make mistakes, supplies will run out – it happens – be as understanding as you can but get the solution you need.

Never negotiate with someone who does not have the power to fix the problem. When calling down to change a room ask, “Do you have the ability to reassign me to another room or do I need to speak with someone else?”. If you want to be reimbursed for services that were not rendered ask, “Do you have the ability to reimburse me for this or do I need to speak to a manager?”

And finally, remember, if you are paying a rock-bottom price for a hotel room, you are not going to get the nicest room. You will be in that room with the brick wall outside the window….. The nicest rooms will be for the guests paying higher for an equivalent room. Feel satisfied that you are getting the accomodation for less.

If you are paying for a cheap hotel room you are going to get a cheap hotel room. Set your expectations accordingly and you will not be dissappointed, and every once in awhile you will be pleasantly surprised.


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