Lose Weight, Boost Metabolism, and Stay Healthy!

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In today’s society, people often make attempts to lose weight by following strict diet plans. Although diets alone can be effective if followed, they simply are not realistic for the long term. The true way to effectively drop the pounds and boost the metabolism is to combine both healthy eating and exercise.

Eating Habits: Unfortunately, people often associate not eating with losing weight. They could not be more wrong. In fact, you actually want to eat at least five smaller portioned meals a day. By eating more frequently, you actually boost your metabolism, which results in burning more calories even while resting. Lean foods that are high in both fiber and protein are recommended.

Breakfast is crucial: After a night’s sleep, your body’s nutrient levels are at their all-time low. Eating a healthy meal in the morning not only will refuel you, but will also help you function better throughout the day.

Water: Water is the single most important beverage. Water is used to dilute the body’s waste products which help enhance fat loss, and even prevent kidney stones. Ironically, water also helps prevent bloating because the body will retain less if you are hydrated more. In addition, water also helps suppress hunger, which usually results in eating less. Not to mention its benefits for the skin. It is recommended to drink at least 6-8 eight ounce glasses a day.

Exercise: Although aerobic activity is a great way to burn calories, resistance training is just as important. Resistance training increases your muscle composition, which will result in a metabolism boost. Resistance training will also give you a toner look when weight is actually lossed. Keep in mind it is important to split your exercise regimen up and not overdo it. When working out a muscle group, you are actually fatiguing the muscle, which grows back stronger during rest. The same goes for aerobic activity. Running everyday can result in injury and refrain you from making improvements due to not being at your peak. Although a gym membership would be ideal, remember to be creative! Try running in the park, doing bodyweight exercises, and taking advantage of your environment.

Sleep: Sleep helps your overall body function, but it can also help with weight control. The reason is simple. While you are sleeping, you are not eating! If you sleep five hours instead of eight, that gives you a three hour window of opportunity to eat more then you originally would have.

Supplements: Although they are not “miracles” when used alone, they do have many benefits.

  • Whey Protein: According to numerous studies, it is recommended that individuals receive about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight a day. Unfortunately most people cannot realistically receive this amount of protein everyday, which is why Whey protein is especially helpful. Protein helps increase lean muscle mass, improve recovery, and improve immune function by increasing glutathione levels. In addition, it is also believed to prevent certain forms of cancer. Whey Protein in particular is an easily absorbed form of protein that has little known side effects.
  • Omega 3 Fish Oil: Omega 3, normally contained in fish, has numerous benefits. Omega 3 is believed to reduce insulin levels of its consumers, which since insulin is believed to promote the storage of fat, it has weight loss benefits. Additionally, Omega 3 improves brain function, reduces depression, improves cardiovascular health, and even can reduce chances of breast, colon, and prostate cancer.
  • Green Tea: Aside from the fact that it is one of best anti-oxidants on the market, and great for the general well-being, it can have weight loss benefits as well. Green Tea Extract is a known source of caffeine, which is an ingredient commonly used in fat burners because it stimulates the metabolism.
  • Multivitamin: An important supplement for everyday health. An important part of fat loss is having a healthy overall system, and a multivitamin which includes the majority of recommended daily doses will help you achieve that. This is especially important for those who exercise on a regular basis, because nutrient levels are low post workout.

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