How to Order From Seed Catalogs

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One of the simple pleasures of winter is curling up inside with the seed catalogs that arrive just after the start of the new year. But they can be so daunting! And you want to buy everything! This article will give you simple tips on how to order vegetable seed, flower seed through the seed catalogs.

Be realistic about your space – Draw up a view of your garden on graph paper with each square representing one square foot of your garden. Note how much space the catalog says that each plant will need.

Be realistic about your budget – Ordering from seed catalogs can add up fast! Some of the offers that include ‘double your money’ or buy $25.00 and get $25.00 free actually have higher prices than other catalogs.

Create a list for each catalog – Start with your wish list and keep it from year to year. You may choose to expand your garden to just asparagus this year and next year when you pull out the list you will remember that you wanted those new Sunshine Blueberry bushes as well and you can add them as the expansion item next year.

Once you have a list for each catalog see where you can get each item cheaper or which catalog has a better variety than the one you found in the first catalog. When you have found items that are exactly the same variety and with similar pricing mark them because you can add them to whichever order you need to bump up just a bit to get the special offer!

Finally – after you have placed your order. Cut the plant description out of the seed catalog and put them into your diary. You will want to mark how they are growing in your garden during the summer months. This will then help you order from the seed catalogs next winter.


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