How to Buy a Swimsuit Online

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Can you buy swimwear online? Sure you can! Supplied with some simple information you can save time running from swim store to swim store. But beware you will have three different sizes depending on the type of suit! Follow the steps below for women’s suimsuits.

Fitness suits – these are suits for swimming laps for fitness or water aerobics. They use traditional dress sizes 4,6,8,10,12 etc and you can find them by Speedo and others. Speedo Fitness suits have modest, traditional and contemporary cuts that change how low the cleavage and back is and how high the leg holes are. Fitness suits usually have a bra support.

Racing suits – These suits are constructed with the single purpose of making the swimmer faster. They do this through compression. These fit very tight, have no bra support and do not last as long as the fitness swimsuit.

Polyester vs. Lycra – You will buy Polyester suits one size larger than the Lycra suits. See chart below:

Dress size of 1 or 2 is Polyester suit size 28 or Lycra suit size 26.
Dress size of 3 or 4 is Polyester suit size 30 or Lycra suit size 28.
Dress size of 5 or 6 is Polyester suit size 32 or Lycra suit size 30.
Dress size of 7 or 8 is Polyester suit size 34 or Lycra suit size 32.
Dress size of 9 or 10 is Polyester suit size 36 or Lycra suit size 34.
Dress size of 11 or 12 is Polyester suit size 38 or Lycra suit size 36.
Dress size of 13 or 14 is Polyester suit size 40 or Lycra suit size 38.

Plus size swimsuits are plentiful online at sites such as and . When ordering online be sure to search the sites for the most frequently purchased swimsuits, it might be marked as most popular. Have a great swim!


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