How to Get Rid of Fleas

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Can there be anything more mortifying than watching fleas jump from the carpet to your guests legs? Anything more irritating than listening to your dog chew at fleas all night? We think that fleas bother cats and dogs but the human aspect is just as excruciating!

First – throw away all of the old flea shampoo and flea collars. These have been replaced by Advantage and Frontline. These are oils that you put on your cat (Frontline for cats, Advantage for cats) or Dog between their shoulder blade. This will completely eliminate their flea problem within a couple days. It says to use these monthly but once the flea control has been effective you will find that you don’t need as often.

Second – now that the fleas in your house are not attacking your cat or dog you will that they are coming after the humans! A flea human problem! Start vacuuming. For two weeks you will need to vacuum the house like it has never been vacuumed before.  This vacuuming is required because the fleas will continue to hatch every day for two weeks.

A hint from a country woman that I learned decades ago is to put mothballs in your vacuum. That way the fleas die in the vacuum cleaner bag and don’t lay more eggs.

If you take these precautions both your pets and your house will be flea free and you will not need to worry about a reinfestation of fleas this season or in the future.   You and your pets will enjoy the house and feel comfortable inviting others over without worrying about fleas!


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