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Rapidshare is one of the most popular file hosting server. There are some others like Megashare, Megaupload etc. And it is a bit troublesome for us who don’t have a premium account with them.

I generally download a lot from Rapidshare and face a lot trouble waiting and clicking over links… After searching a bit on the web, I’ve discovered this useful software. Well, it doesn’t crack those sites or something but lessens the hassle a lot for me.

It generates the direct link itself and does all the waiting. I don’t need to wait for one download to complete and then start another after few minutes waiting. Just paste all the links at once and it does the rest. Cool huh?!

There are some other features, like shut down the PC when download complete, run the downloaded content etc. It also checks the validity of the provided link. If the link is not valid or expired, it shows the link in red color. It also checks for available updates and update itself automatically after a certain period. If you wish, you can stop the updating from the settings.

Well, for those sites who uses capcha or something like that, you have to write down the code yourself. While there is a captcha checking, it crops the captcha image and prompts for you. Though its far more hassle free.

I don’t know much about the author. The original link on the software is: and the translated version is here.

Download the file from here: Rapidshare File Downloader


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