How to Choose Plants for a Small Garden

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Even if you have only a small space to garden on your patio or backyard, you will enjoy the healthy habits of growing and eating fresh vegetables.  This is part of a sustainable, green lifestyle.  This article will help you select plants that have a small growth habit and that are disease resistant.

If you are gardening in a small space you will want plants with two characteristics:
1. Plants that have a smaller growing habit.  This allows you to grow more plants in a smaller space.  More plants equals more vegetables!
2. Plants that are resistant to disease.  This allows you to use fewer chemicals so that your garden will be an organic garden. 

By using these two characteristics to select your plants you will be able to grow more vegetables with fewer chemicals. For aesthetics, always tuck in a few flowers with your vegetables.  Especially in a small space, it will have a better aesthetic appeal for your neighbors.

While farms and those with large garden plots can easily grow large varieties and do crop rotations those of us with small gardens need small plants that will not bring diseases to our small gardens.

Small Bush Variety and Disease Resistant Vegetable Plants:
-Bean – Bush Bean Festina
-Cucumber – Park’s Bush Whopper II Hybrid, Eureka Hybrid,
-Asparagus – Jersey Knight Hybrid
-Tomato – Beefy Boy Hybrid, Bush Big Boy

Small and Disease Resistant Flowers:
-Zinnia – Profusion
-Vinca – Cora Hybrids
-Rose – Double Knock Out

Disease Resistant Grape:

-Marquis, -Americana

You may not be able to find all of these varieties at your local garden center or nursery. Buying seeds and growing from seed will help you avoid importing disease into your garden with purchased plants. Also, you can buy exactly the plants that you want to grow!


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