How to Make a Greenhouse Indoors with a Sunny Window

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Are you starting seeds indoors in the spring? Overwintering plants in your house in the winter? Growing tropical flowers or citrus indoors year round? This article will share ideas for quick, easy transformation of a sunny southern window into the perfect growing environment.

Things You’ll Need:
Sunny Southern Window
Two clear shower curtains or shower curtain liners.
Four plant hooks

Select a sunny southern window, preferably in a heated but little used part of the house. Clear the area in front of the window. Consider putting down some plastic to protect the floor from moisture or watering spills. At Target, Walmart and other stores you can buy clear shower curtains that are very durable and less than $5.00 or $7.00. Buy two of these – one to protect the floor and one to hang (see below.

Decide if your windows are well insulated. If you have newer windows that keep out most of the cold air you can skip this step. If you are in an elegant older house and therefore have older windows that are not quite as insulated, buy the buy the clear plastic window insulation that you adhere to the inside of the window frame and then blow dry with a hair dryer until it has tightened in place.

Place a wire, metal or otherwise open, skeletal shelf in front of the window (on top of the floor covering). This should be one that can survive getting wet and that can also hold a good deal of weight depending on the types of plants you place on the shelf.

The final step is to hang the other shower curtain from the ceiling to create a micro-climate that is warmer and more humid than the rest of the room. Buy plant hooks that can be mounted into the ceiling. Mount two along the first support beam away from the wall, about 6 inches past the edge of the window. In other words, start at the wall and knock the ceiling with your knuckle until you find the first beam. That is your distance from the wall. Then, from the outer edge of the window frame, go another 6 inches along this beam and put in your plant hook. Do the same for the other side of the window. Secure the shower curtain against the wall with either more plant hooks or by leaning something long and thin against the curtain to hold it up to the wall. You can add two more plant hooks if you choose.

During the summer, take down the shower curtain and hang two plants from the hooks. No one will know that there had once been an indoor greenhouse!


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