breeding guppies

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You will not require many things to breed guppies, just breeding fancy guppy trio (1 male 2 female), small tanks, tank accessories and that’s all.
Breeding fancy guppies easiest among all other tropical fishes. But difficult part is raising guppies. We will cover it in some other posts.
Most important thing in breeding guppies is right choice of breeding programme. If you fail to choose right programme then your beautiful fancy guppies will look like wild guppies after few generations.
Concentrate only on one part, this will give optimum improvement in your guppy strain. Decide whether you want to increase fin size or brighter colors or size of tail or all to gather different strain. do only one thing at a time.
Once decided choose best suitable from following 3 methods
1. Inbreeding
2. Line breeding
3. Out crossing
we will see all these in short.

1.     Inbreeding mainly advantageous in choosing particular color for fins, fixing fin confirmation or color pattens.
this method mainly involves breeding guppies closely related. e.g. choose best male guppy and breed it with its sister or mother. this will produce fish which look alike in patterns and colors. This method is also used for mass production of particular strain. fancy guppy you buy from fish store are likely breed using this method.
2.     Line breeding is slightly modified version of inbreeding program. this method is very systematic and require lot of hard work and extensive documentation. To start with you take one male guppy and breed it with 2 sister female guppies. Keep separate resulting young guppies of each guppy female. this is first generation name it generation-1 (or whatever). next generation again breed a male guppy to 2 female guppies and keep each line separate. do this again and again till you rich 6th generation. at this stage you take a male guppy from one line and cross it with female guppy from other line. This method is proven and gives quality fish for years to years provided you chose best male for breeding guppies. Breeding male guppy from another line after few generations maintain better quality while strict inbreeding program improves particular feature of guppy.
3.    Out crossing, as name suggested is breeding guppies of 2 unrelated guppies or even different strains. Most of breeders use this method to produce their show guppy or fancy guppies. Some people have developed beautiful new varieties by simply crossing everything they have together with the hope of finding the right combination. After this is done, the problem is getting the new line to produce the same type of fish. I would recommend selecting another line of fish with an established line only to improve the finnage or color of what you have. This can provide you with that little extra your fish may need to push them over the top.

Feed quality food to your guppies. Quality food will keep them healthy. Select young guppies for breeding. If you choose older ones they may not produce quality baby guppies. Keep in mind if you want great quality guppies you need discard which are ill or poor quality.

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